Not only delight with many of today’s hottest nail designs, suitable for each personality of the girl. Moreover, when coming to charm and chill you will have nail and hand care with 8-step procedure of cnd.

The beautiful hands of the girls will be soaked in water with fresh rose petals combined with mineral salts. Not only helps the hands relax but also releases toxins, helps skin firm. Specially soaked in wax helps moisturize and remove dead skin cells for the skin, making your hands soft, smooth and beautiful.

Besides, exfoliating, masking, hot stone massage are also very popular when women visit charm and chill. We are always ready to serve and improve the quality to bring you absolute satisfaction.

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How can women be confident in wearing charming heels? Something hard has Charm and Chill do. Come to us, taking care of your feet will also be meticulously cradled like hands. The 8-step process of CND combines foot bath with fresh rose petals and mineral salts. In particular, here you will be scrubbed, exfoliating for your feet. You do not need to hesitate, lose confidence because the rough heel is rough when it comes to standing on high heels. Instead it was a smooth, white and pink heel like a baby’s heel. Don’t hesitate, let give your “pink heels” for us to take care of.

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Each nail template not only expresses your own personality in it, but also the love messages we want for you. Apply gel is used by Gel Builder from the most popular CND brand today. We will bring you a thick, strong, long-lasting, non-peeling nails. Especially all designs will be made according to your requirements, preferences. Let Charm and Chill turn you into a queen with the nuances you love.

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No more worries because your nails are weak and brittle. Because dipping powder is the best and most modern material to make your nails long and thicker, don’t soften your nails under violet light. Charm and Chill uses 100% Organic ingredients to nourish thicker, healthier nails.

In addition, hot trend nail models are constantly updated to serve our lovely ladies. Many models are designed in the style of each customer from luxury, sweetness, softy to unique, eye-catching, … Don’t wait, come to Charm and Chill right away.

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Don’t let ugly hairs get in the way of your white, smooth skin shining. For you to always feel the softness and comfort of your skin, we prefer to use a modern high quality hair removal method. With a staff of professionally trained, certainly will not let you down.

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Besides the splendid outfit, the charismatic face, the hair is a pretty important highlight for the girls. With a full range of hair care, styling services at a reasonable price.

You don’t need to go far, just Charm and Chill Hi-End Nail Bar & Spa.

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A hard working and studying day, our bodies always need to be cared for and relaxed. Body massage is not only good for health, helps blood circulation, dispels stress, fatigue but also detoxifies and beautifies the skin. Coming to Charm and Chill, you will be relaxed with Paraffin candle wax, made from pure soy, soft, non-greasy skin care, causing discomfort to the skin.

With professional workmanship, luxurious space, but still warm, close. We will bring you the relaxing moments like your home but royal quality.

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Your ivory feet will no longer tired, dry because they have to stand on high heels for a long time. It can only be that Charm and Chill always listens and understands women. Your feet will be relaxed with hot candle wax, made from pure soy, which helps moisturize and soften the skin.

The rhythmic pressing and stretching stimulate the energy flow, promoting the flow of blood and lymph. We will bring you wonderful relaxing moments in luxurious, modern space, but still very gentle and warm.

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As a woman, you always have to take care of yourself in order to always feel beautiful and confident.

Taking care of your body with Dermalogica is a very popular method today. With the care process thoroughly, perfect will give you healthy skin, firm and smooth. Love your skin is your beauty. Let Charm and Chill turn you into a beautiful lady always be loved.

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Owning healthy, smooth, bright skin is always the dream of all women. Charm and Chill is a great savior for your skin. With the well-known skin care routine in the US – Dermalogica – used in professional spas. We will bring absolute satisfaction, meeting all the wishes of each skin type. The skin is taut, shiny pink, confident to shine when it comes to us.

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In addition to beauty and relaxation, Charm and Chill Hi-End Nail Bar & Spa brings exciting experiences when combined with unique, eye-catching cocktails. What is more wonderful than just being beautiful, just relaxing with luxurious space and gentle chill at trendy bar. All sorrow will be forgotten, because women deserve to be loved and happy.

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To make the holidays more meaningful, Charm and Chill Hi-End Nail Bar & Spa always sends customers super attractive promotions. Such as deals up to 20% nail service; Free gift voucher worth VND 180,000 for bills above VND 500,000. Come to us to get a lot of great deals.

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Charm and Chill Hi-End Nail Bar & Spa gives you a more confident and beautiful party. Important occasions such as bridal parties, birthday parties, product launches, etc. Or simply hanging out, meeting partners also make you become confident and comfortable in your own way.

We design events according to customers’ requirements. Please contact us for the best service.

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